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Having gotten many positive reviews in regards to the way it works, elite serum has actually become the best eye serum for the following;


  • Appearance of crow’s feet
  • PuffinessDark circles
  • Fine lines around the eye area

Elite serum is basically an anti-aging topical cosmeceutical product that has been scientifically designed to improve the youthful appearance of any user and this is in regards to having eye contours that are young-looking. In the event that you are a victim of the afore-mentioned factors, the application of elite serum will go a long way in doing the following;

  • Enable skin elasticity
  • Improve the skin tone
  • Firmness of the skin

It is not only age that contributes to the skin having wrinkles and dark circles being observed around the eye area. Environmental factors are usually to blame together with unhealthy lifestyles and stress related activities. Since this can happen without you having not much control over it, the elite serum is actually your savior in all this, after which you will in time be free of wrinkles and unsightly dark circles. Consistent use of elite serum will in turn produce the most desired results and because it has come to be known as the most powerful eye serum, the below mentioned ingredients are the ones that characterize it;

Matrixyl 300

This ingredient contains powerful matrikines (Pal-GHK and Pal-GQPR) that are very vital to the repair and restructuration of the cutaneous layer of the skin. They are responsible for activating the neosynthesis of extracellular macromolecules of the matrix, thus enabling a visible anti-wrinkle efficacy. The ingredient also triggers some particular genes that are involved in cell proliferation and extracellular matrix renewal.


This ingredient is actually considered as the best needle-free alternative to Botox and this is because its efficacy around the eyes and forehead has been known to decrease the visibility of wrinkles by thirty percent after only thirty days of treatment.


This ingredient goes on to impact the degradation of elastin peptides and the packing associated with the lipidic matrix of the skin. Reason for this is because it is a well known fact that the molecular mechanism that is involved in facial aging has to do with the changes seen in the collagen triple helix.


It is also known as Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 and it is responsible for reducing puffiness and dark wrinkles that are usually experienced around the eye area. When proper circulation is encouraged around the eye area by this ingredient, the build-up of fluids that are known to naturally occur at night get to be reversed, thus reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Because gravity is usually responsible for the fluid that accumulates in the lower eyelids, this ingredient counteracts this process by 85% and this is by increasing lymphatic drainage. This goes on to flush and break down the toxin-formed pigmented blood that cause dark circles to form.


This aqueous based peptide is responsible for activating the Tissue Growth Factor (TGF) in the skin, which is in essence the element contained in the synthesis of collagen. Collagen is basically a crucial component of the extracellular matrix of the skin and what this peptide does is that it compensates for collagen deficits and this goes on to make the skin look more youthful.


This is another ingredient that is a combination of three powerful peptides;


  • Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone
  • Dipeptide Valyl-Tryptophane
  • Lipopeptide Pal-GQPR

Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone; decreases the permeability of capillaries that is usually experienced in the lower eyelid. In regards to the delicate skin of this area, the molecules present in this ingredient work by ensuring that there is lymphatic drainage and toning.

Dipeptide Valyl-Tryptophane; this ensures that there is lymphatic circulation which leads to proper drainage. It safely drains the fluid out of the puffy eye bags thus reducing the puffiness.

Lipopeptide Pal-GQPR; this peptide goes on to improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin and this is in regards to removing fine wrinkles and lines normally seen on the lower eyelid. In addition to that, the peptide also decreases the inflammation that is usually caused by other drainage agents of the lymphatic system.

Hyaluronic Acid

This ingredient goes on to ensure that your skin is properly hydrated and this is by maintaining hydration substances in the human skin. As one ages, the Natural Hyaluronan concentrations in the skin get to decrease with time and when this happens, the skin’s ability to maintain moisture is weakened resulting in a dry and rough appearance. What this peptide does is that it penetrates the dermis after which it combines with water, thus increasing microcirculation and nutrient absorption. When this happens, fast skin rejuvenation is experienced, which completely diminishes the appearance of crow’s feet and wrinkles.

Red and Green Seaweed Extracts

These extracts preserve the skin’s natural collagen and this is by ensuring that the skin is firm with a significant amount of decrease in wrinkling. Studies have actually shown that the two extracts inhibit two enzymes that are particularly linked to the breakdown of structural proteins together with inhibiting a wide array of viruses from entering the cells.

In the event that you have tried other products that are characterized by injections and none have not worked, consider using Elite Serum today and in thirty day’s time, you will have observed a lot of difference. In regards to elite serum review, consider buying the most talked about anti-aging eye serum and you will be glad that you did!